Thursday, December 3, 2009

More Bracelets For Maiti

Today, Cheryl and Kara went to Shippensburg University to talk to students about Be the Change Foundation and Human Trafficking.
Before we even went to Shippensburg these dedicated students were already organizing their own event for Be the Change. They not only organized a bracelet event to be held today, but they are taking their bracelet making on the road and going to a local high school next week to make bracelets with the students there.
The story of the women dying in the hospice centers at Maiti Nepal is spreading. Not only is it spreading, but it is inspiring people and moving them into action.

We explained to students today that we are well aware that bracelets won't take away what happened to these women. It won't erase the memories they have of the events that let to them being in a hospice center in the first place. A bracelet won't expedite a shipment of the drugs needed to cure the diseases they have. It won't find a cure for the HIV/AIDS that they contracted.
But it sends a message. That they matter. That they are worthy. That we are thinking of them. And sometimes, it is the little things that mean the most.
It was clear today as we watched students carefully placing beads onto the memory wire, that much compassion and care was going into each one. It is our hope that the women on the receiving ends of these bracelets feel even just a little bit of that.

Thank you for your continued passion and compassion.

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